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“…It would be a detriment to your health if you don’t go to see these guys play live…” 
Mean Street Magazine

…The first time I was exposed to the music of Upstream was in ’95 at the annual UCLA JazzReggae Festival. There they shared the spotlight with dancehall giant Supercat and the legendary Ras Michael. I walked away impressed with their unique style of soca/reggae/rock…”  
Eric Kohler Reggae Nucleus 

“…I like this band and I really want to catch them when it’s not such a sardinefest but popularity has it’s price. If the crowd is any indication of their popularity, Upstream should be on top of the heap soon…”  
Justine Sayne Rock City News

“…Upstream took the stage and grabbed the crowd’s attention by performing a variety of reggae musical forms, from dancehall to roots to soca. Each new style they performed kept the crowd moving to the beat…”  
Vinnessa Pierce The L.A. Watts Times

“…..a great show put together by a group of friends who understand vocal harmony, showmanship and the struggle to realize a dream…” 
Pasadena Weekly Prime Picks/Daily Picks

“….These local showmen combined dancehall and roots reggae with soca and dub to create a truly impactful sound that kept the crowd groovin’….” 
Max Gray Reggae Nucleus

“…The Upstream formula works: excellent musicianship, an everchanging, extremely danceable songlist, perfect vocals and sweet harmonies, dedication to their craft, and probably most importantly, an ability to have as much fun as anybody in the house…..” 

Fremont Street Reggae & Blues

“…Upstream has been building a following from San Diego to Santa Barbara and has become a regular feature on KROQ’s Native Wayne show. Pollstar The Concert Hotwire "...Upstream definitely stole the show on both days they performed….awesome energy, stage presence and professionalism."  
Mitch Kirsch World Cup USA

Ice Cream - Upstream
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